The birth of Fibertus wood fiber

It was an idea conceived by Mikko Kaira that sparked the invention of this revolutionary new wood fiber material developed by Fibertus.

He was searching for new board materials for construction projects that would satisfy the constantly increasing market demands for ecological sustainability, pricing, workability and lightness of materials.

Kaira conducted a few preliminary experiments that confirmed the viability of the invention.

He launched a development project and, after negotiating extensively with research institutions, the wood products industry and representatives of future users, he became convinced that the project could also be viable commercially.

His next step was to gather together a group of like-minded people who already had an established reputation in the service of industry and business. All key members of Fibertus personnel contribute their own special expertise to the commercial success of the project.

Fibertus Ltd.

The commercialization of Fibertus wood fiber began in 2008. 

The company is owned by five private Finnish individuals.

Fibertus Ltd. has its headquarters in Espoo at Innopoli, the largest technology center in the Nordic countries.

The company has received funding from the Foundation for Finnish Inventions and from private investors.

Our vision

Fibertus is a revolutionary international company offering its customers ecological wood fiber solutions.